Your 7-Step Guide To Finding An Escort!

After slogging at your office desk for five days, you deserve a happening weekend. If you are done clubbing and pubbing, it’s time to try an escort service. It may sound confusing to some, but escorts don’t always mean a happy ending. Some are just arm candies for your next party, while others can offer the girlfriend experience without the tantrums of a regular girlfriend. If you are looking for female escorts, here’s your easy 7-point guide.

  • Check online. There are a bunch of aggregator websites that enlist local escorts for an area, and these can be really handy in comparing and finding choices. If you don’t know an escort agency, this is where you can start.
  • Find more through pictures. These websites sort profiles and escorts based on pictures, and the false and fabricated ones are removed regularly. When you want a certain kind of girl, photos always come handy.
  • Don’t miss the profile. Just pictures aren’t enough to know an escort. You need to know what she likes and specializes in, and you may want to know her preferences in men, women and couples.
  • Check the prices. Escorts usually charge a fixed charge for each hour, but you can also hire them for the weekend or an entire day as required. Make sure that you have discussed the costing in advance.
  • Tipping isn’t compulsory. If you are too happy with here, you can choose to offer a tip, but for first timers, it is best to pay online or to the agency directly. Tipping is not compulsory at all in this business.
  • Talk on phone. Usually, you will have the choice to talk on phone first and discuss things with the escort. Make the most of this phone call. If you are waiting for porn star experience, you don’t want to end up with a timid girl.
  • Reviews help. Always hire escorts who have good reviews on different online portals. An escort who has more five-star reviews is obviously a better choice than someone who is new in the business. However, this also depends on what you are looking for.

Finally, sex is not always the ultimate thing with escorts, and don’t mention it. Let’s not get confused with laws, because the same can differ in every region, country and state. Happy endings is a thing between consenting adults, but you can Google for escort lingo, so that you ask for the right things.