Why Do People Call Sex Chat Lines?

Why Do People Call Sex Chat Lines?

Picking Up The Phone Can Get Your Pulse Racing!

Lots of men use sex chat lines as a way of finding release, and it’s not hard to see why!

Sex chatlines are big business in the UK. One in three men use them to fulfil their sexual urges. That’s a staggering number, and shows just how popular they are. What though, makes them so appealing to guys? Aren’t they, well, a bit seedy? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Calling a sex chatline is a great way for a man to discover what it is that really makes him tick, and allows him to fulfil his urges in a safe, comfortable environment. A man can call one wherever he is too, which makes it a really convenient option. Here’s why they are so successful.

A judgement free partner

It can be difficult for a man to broach the topic of sex with a new partner, especially if his desires are a little unconventional. In face, some men can go for years without confiding in their partner about their deepest fantasies. This is where adult phone chat comes in. A man can talk freely about something that he is afraid to bring up with a partner, completely free of any judgement. A sex chat worker has plenty of experience, so a man won’t need to worry that he’ll shock or upset her. This relaxed environment means that he can really let go.

It offers anonymity

Phoning a sex chat line offers men discretion and anonymity. Picking someone up to have sex with them doesn’t just pose a physical risk, a man’s reputation could be at stake too. By phoning a chat line, they can experience some genuine intimacy and excitement without even leaving their home. A man can use a false name, and reveal as much or as little about himself as he feels comfortable doing. Phoning a sex line puts him very firmly in control of the situation – no matter the fantasy he and the woman on the other end of the line are acting out!

Fantasies can be fulfilled

With so many men calling sex chat lines, there are lots of different fantasies that chat operators will be asked to act out. There are some that are enduringly popular though. Threesomes and getting caught out by a partner before they themselves join in are really popular. Cross-dressing is another one, along with having sex with the mother in law! Naturally, those two may be hard to explain to a partner – hence calling the chat line. A naughty schoolgirl is a real favourite too, as well as the man being told how to pleasure himself. When a man has to let his mind paint a picture of what the woman on the other end of the line is doing, his imagination really runs wild!

A personal, sensual experience

Just like watching online porn or buying a naughty magazine, sex chat lines are a way for a guy to fulfil his sexual urges in a safe, private way. Calling one of these chat lines is a lot more personal than watching porn though, as you’re getting genuine interaction from another person. Whether a man on the phone for a few minutes or a couple of hours, he’ll feel very satisfied when he hangs up!