Talking To a Girl for the First Time? Mind Your Moves!

Most men have their doubts while approaching women. They have a lot of obvious things on their mind, but the dreaded question is about getting started. How can you approach anxiety and manage the first meeting or conversation with a woman? Below are some of the important things you need to know.


Not every woman is interesting

Yes, you need to know and believe in this. Women, despite all the good looks, can be pretty boring. Some of them are not worth your time either, especially if you are keen on developing a long-term relationship. Take your time to first evaluate who you choose to be with. At times, it is better to be single for a while than being with the wrong person.

Consider the venue

If you are chatting on a dating app, things can flow according to the words you type. Depending on the interest of the other person, the conversation may end abruptly or continue to the point where you both decide to meet in person. However, the first date is more important. You get to know a person beyond their social media profiles, and it allows you to explore a persona than a few pictures. Where you meet the lady is also a matter of consideration. If you are meeting her at a pub, the conversations can start with the choice of beers.

Be a gentleman

As a man, you should let the woman to take charge of the conversation and meeting. She needs to be sure about meeting you, and unless it is a matter of inconvenience, let her decide the venue for the date. Pull the chair for her, ask her for a drink or a cocktail, and tell her about her pretty dress. Compliments always work with girls, as long as you are not going overboard. Offer to pay for the dinner bill, but if she insists on splitting, respect her decision. As someone who believes in equality, you should agree to her choices.

Ask the first few questions

Well, it comes to starting a conversation, the first few questions matter the most. You need to know what she is comfortable with, so don’t start about asking about her family or boyfriends. Some people have deeper internal wounds and they don’t really like to discuss their personal life. Instead, you can ask her about her day, how she feels about her day, what she wants from her life and so on. The idea is to ask things that she would want to answer. You don’t want to coax her about life and choices.

Follow the basic rules

Men and women may differ and disagree to many things, and you should be open about it. Let’s say that you started a conversation, but you don’t like her opinion about something. Don’t nod to everything. Let her know that you disagree and there is nothing wrong with her views. Women love to be around men who have a mind and thinking of their own. Unless someone is too shallow, they will not be impressed by your choice of words, if those are just meant to please. You should also focus on maintaining eye contact. Avoid being nervous, because women can sense that too. They are extremely cautious with men, and they don’t want the other person to feel the same.

Don’t rush

All in good time – Believe in that. You don’t want her to feel uneasy and uncomfortable around you, and to avoid that, you need to keep things easy and simple. Don’t rush for a conclusion, and unless she is completely feeling great about the date, don’t ask for her number either. If you already have it, ask her if you can call her for the next weekend, or else, just give your card, so that she takes a call on whether she wants to meet you.

Finally, don’t be anxious. You might have had limited conversations with women, but you are not alone. You need to be polite and honest, and at times, it is best to be a good listening. Allow the relationship to mature, and if she is someone you know for a while, treat her like a friend. Someone who can give a hi-five or can share a lame joke. Adding some extra humor to your choice of words can also make a difference. Conversations with any girl is all about comfort, and how you approach her tells a lot about the future of the relationship, if it’s supposed to be.