No-strings fun – a valid lifestyle?

You may be familiar with the concept of no-strings fun; it is the idea of having sex with one person without actually being in a relationship with them. You meetup, you have sex and once you’re done then everybody leaves and goes back to their business. Whilst a lot of people see this as a shallow activity; others find it not only convenient but also an honest way to do things. But as much fun as it might be, is it really a good long-term strategy?

The pros – Short term fun

It is true that on the short term, one could argue that it is better to have a bit of fun with a person rather than going out with them and then breaking up in the future. Sure you miss out on the romance but you also miss out on all the arguing and the hassle. People who want to have one night stands often use adult dating sites like and they can find partner pretty easily. It doesn’t take much time or effort; and the rewards are pretty much instantaneous.

The cons – No love

Love can be a wonderfully fulfilling process, and naturally one night stands miss out on the whole emotional side of things. There is no real love there, just lust. People who are in a serious relationship know the rewards that it can brings; and unfortunately all those rewards will remain absent if we decide to spend the rest of our life having only one night stands.

The pros – Lust is strong

The absence of love leaves place to an equally strong, albeit different emotion: lust. It is that strong desire to have sex which guides most one night stands; and the feeling is not to be underestimated. In fact some people sometimes think they are in love whilst actually they are addicted to lust. At least people who have regular one night stands know what they are feeling and why they are doing the things they do.

The cons – A risky business

Sailing from one port onto the next one is fun, it adds diversity to life. However it also adds the risk of catching unwanted illnesses. If you are having no-strings sex then it is likely that your partners are doing the same with other people; and this is how illnesses get spread. At least when you are in a serious relationship you can trust your partner that they won’t be catching an STD with someone else.

All said and done

Once we look at the pros and cons, we realise that it remains a fairly balanced argument. Sure no-strings sex as a long-term lifestyle might not be the best of choices but it doesn’t mean that people can’t live this way if they want to. As long as you’re not hurting anyone then who is to tell you what you should or should not be doing in your own private time. It takes a bit of everything to make this world, that’s why we love being human!