Moving from chit-chat to flirting


Talking to people isn’t always the most difficult thing to do, that is until we try to date those people then we seem to lose our sense of speech altogether. The truth is that chatting up someone we are interested in isn’t always that easy, and a lot of us still struggle with it. You don’t want to overdo it but you also don’t want to come across as too shy, it’s all about compromising to make sure you hit the right note. However now that most people use dating websites to meet new partners, things have got a whole lot easier; and here is why.

Chatting online is easier

If you are meeting someone on a dating website, it is implied that the two of you are looking for a date. Whether you’re using a traditional dating website, an adult one or even a more specialised site like; both you and the people you chat to are after finding someone for a date. This means you both share that one thing in common so you don’t need to explain it. But first things first though; before you start talking about dating you need to introduce yourself officially; start at the beginning. Have a few conversations and discover each other; if you both enjoy each other’s company then it is safe to ask them out on a date.

Flirting isn’t hard

Flirting is all about letting that other person know that you fancy them; all along whilst using a good and entertaining way to speak. Your best bet if you want to have something fun to say is to watch movies and read book; all those will help you with your inspiration. Don’t worry if you use a well-known film quote; just make sure you acknowledge where it comes from so it doesn’t look like you’re just stealing your chat lines and taking credit for them. Nothing wrong with citing your sources; it makes you look more cultured and adds something more to talk about.

Common points

If you’ve chatted with your date before then you will know a bit who they are and what they like. Just find something to talk about that the two of you are interested in. It could be sports, television, arts, whatever your date fancies best. By talking about what they care you will show that you are a considerate person so your date will know they are in good hands. If you’ve taken the time to talk about what they like; they know that you are paying intention to their needs and desires.

Talk and listen

It is not only about showing that you care but it is also about having a good quality relaxing conversation that the both of you are into. Just don’t go too intense and remember to let your partner speak as much as you do; keep the talking fifty/fifty so that both of you can say what they want. Don’t make a monologue as your date will feel like they can’t place a word in. Showing that you care comes with opening your ears and making sure you hear what you partner has to say.