Love and Fantasy from Pop Culture

Most men don’t understand the obsession of books with the likes of Christian Gray (Fifty Shades of Gray) or Edward (Twilight Saga), so men here’s a little insight on why women are obsessed with the characters and books and their subsequent movies.


In the fantasy world of Bella and Edward, you have a vampire who’s so in love with a human girl and fights the urge to not turn her but ends up turning her anyway to keep her as his soul mate forever. For Bella, it’s that forever love. She’s found the one and she wants to be with him forever. Women grow up on fairy tales and fantasies. Most are raised on finding their prince charming and running off into the sunset together. The Twilight Saga is that girl meets boy and fall in love and overcome obstacles (werewolves and other supernatural entities) that try to destroy it.

For this writer, this is a gag fest, but I’m considered a fringe thinker as most of the mainstream mass have their hearts in a flutter just thinking about it.

Fifty Shades of Gray was inspired by the Twilight Saga. It is suppose to be a “college” version of the high school love minus the vampires. Humans fighting for love. In the series you have shy boring subordinate, Ana, falling for the handsome, exciting, dominate Christian. He introduces her boring life to the wonderful world of BDSM, taking her virginity in the process. Again, girl meets boy and falls in love and overcome obstacles (past dominating partners, his need for control and not falling in love) that try to destroy it.

Again, gag, for this writer, but there are more women who look at the storyline of Ana and Christian and go, “yeah, I wouldn’t mind that” mostly because they work a 9 to 5 job, take care of the children, the household, and so on. In the bedroom, they don’t want to think about the control. They just want to have someone else think for them.

And if you think that the fantasy worlds of the above just fall into the secrecy of bedrooms, you’re wrong. If you’re an adventurous couple or singleton, there are places that cater to you to become your very own Bella, Edward, Ana, or Christian. You can become whomever you want in certain sex clubs, brothels, and BDSM dungeons.