Having Sex Versus Making Love

Some people think having sex and making love are synonymous with each other. This is false.

You can be having mind blowing sex or the best sex you’ve ever had but this does not equate to making love. Making love is a completely different thing because it will involve at least two people who have a truly intimate connection, exploring and pleasuring each other, expressing passionate love and reaching new depths of intimacy. Whereas if you’re just having sex, it’s more like you get together, you do the deed without any emotional attachment or any true intimacy.

Having Sex and Nothing Else

Sex can be meaningless because essentially this is nothing but physical contact with sexual relief at the end. Most of the time, everyone involved in this activity get out of it happy and satisfied because they reached orgasm and then it’s see you later alligator. You don’t have to see that person again, you don’t have any obligations or emotional ties with that person. You both came together to do the dirty deed and part ways. Everyone lives happily ever after. That’s why a lot of the times, meaningless sex can be one of the best things single people can have. Think of the all the mind-blowing orgasms, naughty experiments and other sexual activities you can experience if all you’re doing is having sex.

Making Sweet Sweet Love

Making love is when two people who love each other use their collective minds, bodies and souls to express and accept each other entirely. Love-making allows you to explore your partner’s hidden inhibitions that may arise during your intimate experience and vice versa. Generally, making love is usually slow and gentle, sensual and unrushed, more giving than taking, showing your partner how much you care about them. Essentially, through the act of making love, you’re opening yourself to your other half, exposing your vulnerability and lowering your inhibitions to take in all the sensual intimate experiences during this time together. This is why making love is completely more deep and meaningful. You feel more fulfilled after making love and you feel more connected to your partner.

Although making love usually revolves around being in love, sometimes you don’t necessarily have to be in love to make love. Some people just prefer making love to just having sex. But in this day and age, most people are more familiar with having sex than making love. Especially when you can hire an escort to have sex with and request any kind of sex you want with them, the essence of making love seems to be falling through the cracks.

We’re not saying that having sex is better than making love or vice versa. They both have satisfying results at the end of the day. It all depends on your personal preference between closed doors.