Going for an erotic toy chest during pregnancy – What you need to know

Going for an erotic toy chest during pregnancy – What you need to know

Eggs, bullets, rings, rabbits and other playful adult toys may lead to mind-blowing sexual pleasure during pregnancy as your private parts are replete with lubrication and they’re ultra-sensitive due to the soaring hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Unless your gynaecologist instructs you otherwise, there’s no reason in not indulging in using sex toys during pregnancy sex.

If you had been using sex toys before, chances are high that you can still use them but there lies a trick of modifying the toy as per your use. When you used toys during non-pregnancy, you used to listen to your body but when you’re pregnant, it is most likely that you will feel the sensation more intensely. Hence, it is better to try a smaller toy and utilize it in a different manner.

Making the right decision on toys depending on their sizes and shapes

Sex toys usually come in different sizes and shapes for different erogenous zones. While some vibrate, some others don’t; some stimulate you from within and some stimulate outside your body. Though none of them can be strictly ticked-off during pregnancy but there are few guidelines that will help you maintain fun and comfortable sex. Never do anything that doesn’t make you feel comfortable and good. In case of any issue, don’t waste time in consulting a health care provider as you might experience bleeding or other problems.

Vital points to know before playing

Being pregnant is an awesome feeling in itself. During this time, if you still want to masturbate or have pregnancy sex, here are few things you should note.

  • Keep it clean and hygienic: Hygiene is always of utmost importance, particularly if you’re using sex toys which are meant to penetrate inside the vagina. Clean the toys with soapy hot water and dry them entirely before using them. Don’t forget to store them at a clean place and avoid keeping them in a drawer where you also have your pedicure tools.
  • Avoid mixing and matching: During pregnancy, don’t us toys around your vagina which are also used for rear entry. If you give way to fecal bacteria from your rectum to your vagina, this sets up for vaginal infection. If you use the toy for your back door, be sure you’re extremely careful as there are many pregnant women who face haemorrhoids which can bleed whenever pressure is applied.
  • Don’t forget to read labels: There are many lubes and lotions which comprise of colors, flavors and other ingredients which can cause sensation in your vagina during pregnancy. So, it’s important for you to read labels before buying adult sex toys from https://www.cirillas.com/ which is one of the best online stores for your favorite sex toys.

Therefore, if you’re pregnant and you still want to enjoy masturbation during sex through adult sex toys, make sure you are careful about what to choose and how to use. Small errors can lead to infections during pregnancy which is not something to be welcomed.